Friday, 9 March 2018

Smile-49 & Market

This past summer I took my granddaughters camping with me. Of course there was the mandatory photo shots. Me chasing the girls all over the park taking photos. Then one day I was sitting at the beach with Lilly. We were watching her sister do her gymnastic routine in the sand. We were just talking. I was thinking to myself "wow how much her face has changed as she moves into puberty". My baby was growing so fast and I immediately grabbed my camera and took a photo before she knew what hit her lol! This photo is the result. The most honest Lilly picture I have. 
I used the papers from 49 & Market's Sand and Sea line for this they were a perfect match!!
I used Blue Fern chipboard on this layout they have such awesome beach chippies!
I heat embossed both pieces using a variety of colors. I love the Peacock embossing powder the glitter it gives off is amazing! Along with coral, a green and a copper I finished this piece.
I also used 49 & Markets funky 3D embellishments. They really do make the layout pop!
Another perspective.
My sweet baby girl who is now 11!! It was hard enough watching my own girls grow so fast and leave home but to watch my grandchildren grow like weeds is harder for me. They are my pride and joy. We have a bond like no other. As a grandparent you don't have to deal with all the grief of discipling them, taking them to school etc. . .There is just love. Spoiling them and loving them. I guess I will have to trust in that bond to keep them close to me as they get older. They make my life complete.

All the best! :)