Friday, 18 October 2013

KiKi on the block : A Kisses for Keaton layout

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 This is another layout done for the Kisses for Keaton album. It's titled Kiki on the block. I have to smile every time I see this picture. How adorable is this? I mean she's a little Cinderella with a hockey stick! Don't you just love her shoes? Lol. I would like to thank Krissy Mosbarger from Swirlydoos Kit Club for her generous donation of the Pion papers Vintage Garden used for this layout!
I was inspired by Kiki's dress and used a template I had seen on the infamous Gabrielle Pollaco's blog Gabrielle has kindly posted a template for the corset on her blog. I hand stitched the corset and added lace to the top and bottom of the corset. I then used some trim from Melissa Frances and misted it using Charcoal mist from Maya Road to make up the rest of the dress. I then disassembled a flower from Prima called Angel Eyes Madeline and used the smaller beads and added them to the dress. I used two birds and some crystal bling from Prima to recreate the birds holding the dress like they did in the movie Cinderella.
This is the flower from Prima that I took apart to help make the dress!
I tucked some roses into the top where I folded the paper back. I love the stencil I used on this layout from crafters Workshop called Mini Art Is. I used some moulding paste I had left from a Christmas Kit I bought from Swirlydoos last year! (You will get to see the final product from that very soon!)
I've combined this flower stem from Prima with some handmade ones. I loved this flower stem ( I've had it for ages) because it matched the outfit Kiki is wearing to a tee! It's from the Cinderella Collection go figure! The other flowers I made myself using paper from the Pion line.
I inked the page first, then applied the moulding paste and it still looked rather bare for the title so I used a butterfly stamp and stamped underneath then attached a butterfly I had cut out from the paper then I added the title!
This is the rest of the title. Again I stamped and used a butterfly I cut out from the paper. In hindsight I can see that in this case with smaller letters it might have been too much. I chose the title just because of the way Kiki seems so happy out on the sidewalk in a pretty dress playing hockey! She is obviously comfortable with who she is and confident of herself. A little Kiki on the block! Again I want to thank Krissy from Swirlydoos for her donation that helped make this layout possible! This album is a labor of love and I truly appreciate all the help I can get in its construction as I want it to be my Masterpiece! Something Kiki and her family can enjoy for years to come!
Well it's been a wretched rainy day here in Gravenhurst. This weekend is the annual Cranberry Festival in Bala. I have wanted to go for years but couldn't due to the fact that I was taking care of my mom and then the past two years it was pouring and this event is held outside. I can't handle the damp weather with my bad back but it looks as though I have no choice. It is the third year in a row now that it is raining during the festival and I am so done with waiting! I am off to the cranberry festival tomorrow!
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All the best! :)


  1. Another beautiful layout for Keaton. She really is a happy brave looking little girl. So spunky in her red tutu, princess shoes and wielding that hockey stick like a super hero. I love your layouts and your style. Just amazing. Beautiful background work. Lovely elements all surrounding a very special photo.

  2. What a sweet page! I adore the way you made the background, and all the little details sprinkled around the page are super.

  3. Thanks for visiting my Blog and leaving a comment. Now I am here to see your blog and your beautiful work! Love this special layout and the background you did with the stencil and moulding paste. Hope you got to the Cranberry festival ok. Love cranberries!

  4. Just amazing. Beautiful background work. Lovely elements all surrounding a very special photo.thank you for playing with us at SATW!

  5. Beautiful layout and especially the meaning behind it!