Sunday, 12 October 2014

A friend in need!

Hello all. I would normally never do something like this but I am desperate. I have two beautiful dogs, both black labs. One of them Stormy the female is in dire trouble. She has a mass on her spine which could be either a Mast Tumor or a Infected Abcess. She requires surgery to the tune of $2006.00 which I am sure will go up as she gets worse. Storm is a beautiful dog.

 She has a great sense of humor
And loves to play
Mostly she is loved
My daughter started a Go Fund Me account in the hopes that we could raise the money to get Storm the care she desperately needs. It saddens me to do this. I am a proud person and have always managed life on my own. When I was an RN I was able to support my family and pets with no problem. But then I suffered an injury at work that ruined my back and I lost my career. I didn't even get WSIB for my injury because they claimed I had a pre-existing back condition. All because I once went to Occupational Health to get a Tylenol for a backache I had. Arg! Now I live on a disability that is not even remotely close to what I use to make and I am struggling. So now I am humbly asking for help to save my Stormy girl. 

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I thank-you from the bottom of my heart for listening. All the best! Pam Ellis

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  1. Shared on Facebook for you. Sorry I'm not in a position to help, but fingers crossed for you.