Monday, 12 January 2015

Missing You Sketchabilities Challenge

This year I made a few realistic resolutions. One of them being completing more layouts each month then I did in a month last year. It is my goal to reach a healthy five or six! I have the terrible problem of being easily distracted and at times allow my family to hijack too much of my time. It is my hope that with focus  and by putting my foot down I will overcome these distractions and reach my goal! So for my first entry this year I decided to try the Sketchabilities Challenge #130.
and this is my layout.
This was a difficult layout for me. This is my youngest daughter Jessie visiting her father's grave to introduce her new son to him. Her fiancee managed to snap this photo from the car. We lost her father at the young age of 42 and Jessie was only 8, the same age her dad was when he lost his mother to cancer. Sadly there was so little time. From the discovery of his cancer until his passing there was only six weeks. They were dark days. Jessie has come to terms with her grief but misses her dad terribly and I know that she was deeply saddened that she couldn't show her beautiful little boy to her dad. She visits his grave regularly and always keeps it up with fresh flowers. In his honor she named the baby Jaxon James, James after her dad.
I used Blue Fern papers from both the Ombre & Montage line that I got in a Swirlydoos kit. I did a little inking with a Prima mask, some stamping with stamps from Srapbook Diaries, Prima and 7Dots, and a bit of masking with moulding paste. I didn't want to overwhelm the photo with too much mixed media as I really wanted the photo to be the centerpiece. The arrows are from Dusty Attic.
A close-up of a photo of Jessie with her dad at Wasaga Beach while on holiday. She was only three at the time. I loved the new Prima Stamp-N-Add sets! This one allowed me to add a heart to some eagles wings which are significant as both Jessie and her dad are avid Harley Davidson fans (eagles being the logo for Harley Davidson). Ever since her dad came home with his new Harley she has been addicted and strives for the day that she gets her motorcycle licence and a Harley Davidson of her own! Me well I have my concerns about that but that is a layout for another time! 
A last close-up of my flower cluster and the title. I used many petaloo blooms with a few prima roses thrown in for contrast. The title says it all. It's what's in Jessie's heart everyday. She happened to come over while this layout was sitting on my desk and the tears started immediately. I firmly believe that scrapbooking should include the tough times as well as the happy, shiny people photos. This was one of the toughest times in our lives. I know as does Jessie that the people we lose are never truly gone but are with us always. This gives me courage to go on.

Now while I have you here I have a little teaser for this month's  challenge at Scrap Around the World!
Gorgeous Mood Board isn't it?
And this is a little peak of my layout. . .
I hope you visit the blog and join in the fun! We have some amazing prizes this month so make sure you take a look! Well that's it for me! I am exhausted. I have returned to work as well so my days are hectic. Ironically with all that I have undertaken my Rheumatoid Arthritis has flared up and my back is screaming but I am happier!? Amazing what a few "realistic" resolutions can do for you! See you soon! All the best! :)


  1. Wow this is a great lay out!!! thanks for playing along with sketchabilities!!!

  2. Wonderful layout capturing a very touching story.

  3. So many lovely details! Thanks for playing along at Sketchabilities!

  4. stunning piece of beautiful artwork ... oozing with love and emotion , you have woven such love between the layers.. fabulous art x

    1. Thank-you Heather that means so much coming from one of my heroes! <3