Thursday, 11 April 2013

Real Renos -The beginning Day One

As some of you may know I have issues with my scraproom. A year ago I bought three shelving units from Home Depot and reorganized the room. But for some reason that just wasn't enough to keep me honest.
I had spillage everywhere! Into the closet all over the floors! I lost control. The fact that I kept buying did not help!
I've been studying scrap rooms for months now. Colors functionality even bought Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Magazine Creative Spaces for ideas but the bottom line is I only had so much space to work with. So with that in mind I began the Reno with my dear heart John.
Everything came out. All the shelving and tupperware bins needed a severe scrubbing from dust and nicotine, Yes I committed the greatest faux pas to date! I smoked in my scrapbooking room :(
The room was completely emptied out and I scrubbed all the walls and ceiling until my hands were numb.
Every nook and crany was scrubbed and the hideous pink carpet was pulled up! Please be advised that I did not pick these colors to start with I simply stole the room before my daughter was even out the door to college! :)
Thus began the hard work for hubby. Ever have to primer Fire Engine Red walls? Yeah takes alot of primer! This my friends was the end of day one of Pam's reno!

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