Friday, 8 November 2013

Age of Innocence-Kisses for Keaton Sponsored by Maja Designs

(Kiki and her sister Mika prior to Kiki's diagnosis)
 Before the hospital stays, the bone marrow aspirations, before the chemo and countless procedures there was just life. A normal life of a two year old. Princesses and castles, ice cream and balloons, swinging in the park, playing on the beach, goofing around with your sister this is what life was for you. It was an age of innocence. Then the nightmare of having cancer invaded your life and everything changed. Now life involves doctors visits, needles, surgery and chemo. It is harder to play because you are exhausted from the treatments you must have and ice cream may not taste very good because the chemo has affected your taste buds. Going out to play now runs the risk of exposing you to infections that your body can't fight very well right now. And yet through it all you have managed to maintain your sweet smile. A very brave little girl who could teach the world a lesson in humility. I pray for you everyday sweetheart. I pray that you make a full recovery and rediscover a world with princesses and castles, of ice cream and balloons. I pray that you can run through the park freely without worrying about contracting a virus from another child. I pray everyday that you return to an age of innocence. Be brave little one!
Handmade flowers using Maja Design papers. Maja Design has made a considerable donation to the Kisses for Keaton album and we are so grateful for their generosity! Thank-you! I used papers from their Vintage Summer and Vintage Spring lines.
Title was made using letters from Websters Pages.
Today Kiki's parents are facing a very difficult decision. They must chose between two treatment options for Kiki and the decision process is tormenting them. I ask that you send them your prayers and support letting them know that what ever they decide it's the right decision because it was made with love. Kisses for Keaton can be found on facebook at .
Have a great weekend! All the best! :)