Monday, 28 April 2014

a down day A Kisses for Keaton layout

For the past several months I have been scrapping Keaton layouts all portraying a happy go lucky little girl. This album is meant to document the entire journey from miserable beginning through horrific times to the road to remission. For the next little while Keaton's layouts will portray the horrible side of childhood cancer. It is a journey her family took and although they are immensely relieved that Kiki is doing better they don't ever want to forget the journey nor take anything for granted. This is Kiki resting at home on one of her many down days. The sad reality is that children must suffer horribly in order to get better. They are submitted to countless tests and procedures and are injected with toxic poisons that make them critically ill all in the hope of reaching that one special place, remission. We take our good health for granted for Kiki this will never happen. 
I love this paper from Bo Bunny (Primrose)!I did a great deal of inking, stamping and used moulding paste on this page. I loved this little faucet handle from Prima that says care on it. This is Stephanie Reid's middle name. Everyday of her life revolved around the care she gives or seeks out for Keaton while still trying to be "normal" mom to Mika Kiki's older sister.
A little flower cluster a the top of the page. I scrap lifted this page from Gabrielle Pollaco who did an awesome page called exploring on her blog with the same Dusty Attic scroll.
I had a mishap with my Dusty Attic piece (Decorative Scroll #1). I painted it let it dry then inked the edges with brown ink. I then stamped it with a word stamp I have. When I glued the two pieces together some of the glue oozed out and turned the white yellow! UGH! So I thought hey I'll sprinkle it with some rubbing alcohol in the same color as the ink (Victorian Velvet from Tim Holtz). Well my spritzing technique was off (as I have been ever since I got sick) and it ended up heavy in some areas and not others. So I took a paint brush and just went over the whole thing again. I still wasn't happy because the bottom was lighter than the top so I misted it from top to bottom then put it aside to dry. I have to say I'm glad I made that mistake because I like how this turned out so much better. It looks more shabby/chic!
You can see some of the stamping I did (used a bunch of different stamps) and some of my flowers. I did some fussy cutting as well.
Last close-up is the title. Simply a down day which I am sure Kiki had and continues to have many of these. I pray everyday for this little girl with the looks of an angel and the constitution of a lion.
Thanks for checking in! All the best! :)

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