Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Kelly- 7 Dots-Mixed Media

This layout is based on a fantastic video done by the wonderful Gabrielle Pollaco to see her video and canvas you can find her here
I was in the mood to try something different and wanted to get a better feel for mixed media and this was my result.
  This layout is going into the engagement album for Kelly & Dave friend of the family.
This is what it looked like after I had added my papers, drywall tape, dusty attic, lace and tons of metal bling and doodads! My youngest daughter saw this version and fell in love with it and didn't want me to change it! But I wanted to follow the process through to the end so I painted all the embellishments with Gesso and got this:
Once done I started misting it. I used five different colors and for the first time I will say it came out okay (need to practice). The next step was to add gesso to all the raised peaks on the layout which are most of the embellishments. Here are a few close-ups of the various sections of the page:
The doves and branch were meant to symbolize love and peace for their up coming marriage.
Highlighting the future bride's name.
The lace really did make the page!
There was masking with moulding paste and you can see the drywall tape in the middle. I am now addicted to the stuff!
Top left again more lace with some Pink Paislee Artisan circles and a Prima metal embellishment. This was one project that I really enjoyed trying and I encourage you to do the same. I learned a lot about glues, mists, moulding paste you name it. The more I used it the more comfortable I felt with it. I plan on doing another one soon! A big shout out to Gabi for her endless inspiration!
Well I have two choices, my Ferro came in yesterday so I can finish my advent calendar or I an go help clean up the 100ft tall sugar maple laying in my backyard. HMM yeah calendar it is! Have a great weekend! All the best!


  1. Wowzers! LOVE that you photographed the entire process!

  2. This is crazy gorgeous! Woohoo. Love all the lace and embellies! You knocked this outta the park.

  3. Pap, you totally knocked this one out of the park!! Absolutely stunning!! How's everything going for you? ~ Blessings

  4. do such gorgeous, detailed work! Amazing!

  5. Thanks for following my blog, I'm flattered as your work is so amazing!! You're doing such a good job with the mixed media projects. I have been wanting to try this technique and used more mixed media in my projects, but I'm not as brave as you yet. I can't imagine creating a layout then covering it up :), but your end result is just stunning!!